Today we've added Olark live chat integration into all sites that are built using ContentActivator. This is a great addition to any website that wants to have more immediate communications with their users. Some benefits include:
  • Give a convenient option for your users to get in touch with your business.
  • Reduce your lead management expenses.
  • Increase immediate revenue opportunities.
  • Provide a competitive advantage to your customers by delivering the most convenient user experience possible.
  • Remove barriers to communication that your website users may have.
  • Olark is extremely cost effective, yet robust, when compared to most other live chat platforms.
  • Olark allows you to manage communications within existing applications such as Google Talk.
Simply set up your website with Olark, add your Olark site ID to your website, then publish your website. 
Olark Integration
Pitured here is the Settings > Integrations screen within the ContentActivator application.
Olark Live Chat
Once your website is published, it will showcase the Olark live chat window as you've configured it within Olark.