Powerful file management is one of the most consistent requests the ContentActivator support team receives. Supporting additional image formats, PDFs, image editing tools and automating tasks is also frequently requested by many users. Well great news! We've launched an enhanced system for managing your files on any device.

Accessible from the main navigation in the ContentActivator app is an all-new Files section. In the Files section, you can now manage all of your assets including images (.jpg, .png, .svg and .gif files) and documents (.pdf files) for use on your website. This presents a simple way to load many files, then use them throughout the blocks on a website vs. loading them up one at a time. 

When files are loaded, they are automatically optimized for use across any device with multiple versions created immediately. Once files are uploaded, they then get cached on Amazon Web Services for optimal delivery.

The responsive file manage is just another way we're listening to you and continue to improve your experience.